Easy & Affordable Higher Education Student Loans

OLIN SCOTT FUND, INC. has provided financial assistance to male students since 1920. As of 2019, this post-secondary educational loan opportunity is available to all full-time students. It provides easy and affordable loans to help Bennington County residents further their college, vocational and professional educations.


Easy To Apply:

  • Submit a Completed Application by July 1st Deadline
  • Be a Resident of Bennington County
  • Provide Your Transcript with Minimum 2.5 GPA Grade Point Average
  • Have Your School Acceptance Letter
  • Pay a $25 One-Time Application Fee to OLIN SCOTT FUND, INC.
  • Bring (2) Two Loan Co-Signers Once Approved
  • Meet OLIN SCOTT FUND, INC. To Pick Up Check in August
  • Active students need provide transcript yearly with min 2.5 GPA showing full time matriculating to defer payment to year after graduation.
  • Renewals need to re-apply every year until graduation.


Student Loan Options:

  • 1st Year Freshman up to $4,000 / Year Full-Time Student
  • 2nd Year Sophomore up to $4,000 / Year Full-Time Student
  • 3rd Year Junior up to $5,000 / Year Full-Time Student
  • 4th Year Senior up to $5,000 / Year Full-Time Student
  • 1st Year Graduate School up to $5,000 / Year Full-Time Student
  • 2nd Year Graduate School up to $5,000 / Year Full-Time Student


OLIN SCOTT FUND, INC. provides annual 5% interest rate students loans with 1/2% origination fee per loan.

The fund also makes grants to Vermont Educational Institutions.



  • While in school it’s interest free and no payments
  • Payments will start year after graduation
  • $8,000 or less – a 60 month payback term
  • $8,001 or more – a 120 month payback term
  • Special rules apply if student withdraws before graduation


Maximum Loan Amounts:

  • Undergraduate Student $18,000 Total Loans
  • Graduate Student $28,000 Total Loans
  • (3) Student Siblings No More than $84,000 Per Family

Disclosure statement further explaining terms of the OLIN SCOTT FUND’s loans available upon request.


Information about available federal and Vermont student loans can be obtained through the following web sites: